Linda Brewster

I love to tell stories using both pictures and words.

Story telling has been part of the human culture since

the beginning . The raising of children is our most

important endeavor. Creating fun stories for young

children is my passion. Everyone can point to a favor

first book from their childhood. I hope one of mine will

be a special book for someone.

Rose O'Neill the First American woman cartoonest and creator of the Kewpie Doll
"The Bird Who Ask The Sky Why It Smiles"
The story of a young owl with a big curiosity and an can do attitude.
"Go! Duckfoot Go!"
A young boy is born with enormous feet. He learns how to use them to save a town and make good friends.
"Farmer Mac and Cowcrow"
A strange bird lands in Farmer Mac's field. Farmer Mac takes pitty on the creature which the farm animals reject. The bird brings all together by learning their songs.