"What Shall I Be Today" Hippity Zippity
Ellen Ramsay

I am a collector of stories. I love to listen to stories and to make up stories.

When I was younger, I wrote letters to my grandparents with great care. I often included stories and poems. They always responded with praise. They never sent rejection letters.

I grew up in Ohio and had an early fondness for books and bears.  

As a junior high and high school English teacher, I loved teaching writing. Now, I work as a technical writer and editor for an environmental and engineering consulting firm.

During the day, I write about how to clean up environmental contamination and preserve resources. At night and on weekends, I write about solving mysteries, combating fears, flying with dragons, and reading stories to bears.

I live with my husband and thirty-seven teddy bears in a friendly and bear-safe home in Pennsylvania .

“Book” and “bear” are still two of my favorite words.

Showing off one of my favorite books


“Stitching up the Hole in the Sky” in Highlights for Children

“Do You Know A Good Way to Remember?” in Hopscotch

"Who Shall I Be Today?” in Dragonfly Spirit

“I Can’t Get Up Until . . . “ in Stories for Children.

“Hippity Zippity,” in Highlights High Five. To hear the story, go to

"Do You Know A Way to Remember?"
My bear was a superior tree climber!
"Stiching up the Hole in the Sky" "I Can't Get Up Until....